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Guest house “Stambolov” is located in the old town of Veliko Tarnovo, 27 Stefan Stambolov str., which is main tourist route and one of the primary streets in the town. The hotel was build by the famous bulgarian builder Koliu Ficheto in the middle of 19th century. It was restored in 2006 and the original spirit and architecture of the old capital were preserved. The house is architectural memorial of the culture and is part of the view in the old town. The house is near by Gurko street, architectural complex “Samovodskata Charshiya” and the historical fort “Tsarevets”. At night, the lovers of cultural tourism can enjoy the unique show “Zvuk i svetlina”.

Hotel “Stambolov” has 5 rooms and one apartment. All hotel rooms are with terraces from which the guests can enjoy the lovely view of Veliko Tarnovo. Each room has a bathroom, mini bar, TV, Iron, Hair drier, Wi-Fi and Air conditioner.

The apartment on the last floor has 4 double rooms and a bathroom.

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